Useful tools for a reproducible science

This course is a basic introduction of the control versionning system git. We will also make use of the Github plateform.

You can find the book written collaboratively by students as a project for the Online Collaborative Resources course here and the material of the git intro is here


Attending this course requires

  • a functionnal installation of git, which can be downloaded and installed following this link (please click on the display on the right portion of the page).
  • a Github account. Be careful, the Github platform is highly noticeable and will provide you with a professional showcase, it can be visited by potential recruiters (so avoid login names such as bogoss, turlutu, toto or anything of that style).

Bayesian Model for Ecology

This course is open to students from Datascience and MODE.

The slides are available here

Implementing your own Metropolis Hastings algorithm here

A first example using JAGS here

Some gentle reminders on classical probability distributions frequently used in Bayesian modelling approaches here)

Presentation count data tutorial available here Count data tutorial available here

ALEA : stochastic model in ecology

All you want to know on linear modelling

As part of the Tropical Forest Ecology Master in Kourou, French Guyana, I teach a 15hours course on linear modelling. Since 2021, online teaching has becomed a potential option (at least it was in 2021 and 2022). Therefore I have recorded my lectures. The whole course (in French) is available on this page